Monday, October 10, 2011

RainSaucers have arrived here in Wichita but only at WICHITA RAIN BARRELS

After months of testing and doing some trial and error modifications the RainSaucer makes its debut. This is a great tool for any gardener that does not have access to a regualr water supply and needs to supplement what they have access to.  The placement of this RainSaucer was chosen because we had just put in a new vegetable guardian, the RainSaucer does not receive any water form our neighbors garage, it is a free standing water collection unit.
 This side picture shows that we have not attached the overflow hose yet, we did this to check its capacity, after it is placed we will go ahead and slip the overflow hose into it.
 Here is another side shot of the rainSaucer mounted to the Wichita Rain Barrel. One of the modifications we have done is attaching the cord from the RainSaucer to the Wichita Rain Barrel stand. This stabilizes the RainSaucer and keeps it in place during the wild winds we get here in Kansas.
Here you can see that we have also used the eye bolt to secure the rain barrel to the stand.

Click on the title and you will be redirected to their website. They have some great video on how the RainSaucer is being used around the world!

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