Thursday, January 19, 2012

Come see us at our first 2012 show!

We will be offering a GREAT deal to our customers but you got to come to get the deal!

Mark your calendars, indeed! The 2012 Kansas Preservation, Energy & Sustainability Conference and Fair is a perfect opportunity for you to experience locally what many around the country have access to on a regular basis. Covering a wide range of topics, from spec writing and window restoration to energy efficient gadgets and sustainable landscaping, the 2012 conference and fair has something for everyone. (Check out photos from last year's Regional Energy and Sustainability Conference and Fair here and on the 2011 Summit and Fair Photo Gallery.)
  • Interested in seeing a documentary subtitled "the world's first toxic comedy"? This conference is showing it.
  • Need to learn about new technology to improve energy efficiency for your company building operations? This conference will showcase it. 
  • Ready to network with individuals, organizations, and companies that share your passion for preserving the historic while embracing a sustainable future? This conference is the place for you.
  • Eager to learn how to effectively winterize your home? This conference will help you through it.
  • Want to showcase your products and services for energy effiiciency, environmental compliance and sustainability, historic preservation, and LEED architectural design? This conference is for you as an exhibitor or sponsor.
  • Interested in finding out about new fuel efficient vehicles? Visit this conference for a close-up look at new models inside Century II at the Fuel Efficient Car Show. Wichita Area Auto Dealers, Westar Energy, and other community members will be showing off their vehicles including electric, natural gas, hybrids, others.    
So if you are interested in attending the 2012 Kansas Preservation, Energy & Sustainability Conference, use the links to the right to View each day's schedule, to register as a participant or become a sponsor or exhibitor. 

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