Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Hydroponics set up!

Here is an email I received not to long ago from the hydroponics guy.

Hey Peter,
I just wanted to shoot you an email, my wife and I dropped by to say hello Sunday at the Garden Show (if you can remember, HA). I'm also the guy who wrote you all the DIY hydroponic stuff for your blog last summer. 

Well.. long story short, my wife and I started a little home gardening business.  We are selling tomato and pepper transplants,and an auto-watering gardening container (which is why I'm writing you).  It's similar in size and shape to the "earthbox", but it has something that the earthbox hasn't thought of yet - a TRUE auto-watering container, no manual refilling required.  You attach the container to a garden hose, either supplied by a rain barrel or wall spigot, and a valve in the container shuts the water off automatically when it's full.  It also has a couple PVC tubes that run horizontally through the soil compartment (with holes in them) that help to aerate the soil and reduce water logged soil.  With a splitter at the supply end, and a few extra garden hoses you could do up to 4 (maybe more?) containers on one supply (rain barrel). 

I think what you are doing is great, for the environment and the economy, and I'd like to work with you to create some synergy to help both of us out.  I was thinking about adding a link to each others pages, maybe special deals (example: if someone bought a container they'd receive a coupon for a barrel and vice versa), or a joint venture at a flea/farmers market. Please email me back at and we can talk about some of the specifics.

Oh and if you want to check out our site it's

Talk to you soon,
Joseph Nestelroad