Monday, May 11, 2009

Those pesky bugs!

Something that I have been using to help keep the mosquitoes from over populating is OLIVE OIL. No not the cartoon girlfriend of POPEYE but actual olive oil. With just a few cap fulls, it will create enough surface tension to smother the larvae and kill off the existing mosquitoes. Plus with the Wichita Rain Barrels when you begin to irrigate your garden the olive oil is NON TOXIC and there are no unknown chemicals. We live very very close to the Arkansas river and we try and avoid polluting it as much as possible, plus we have a few raised beds for veggies and do not want to add any unnecessary chemicals into what we are eating. When the water level begins to go down the olive oil actually adheres to the sides of the Rain Barrel. When it rains again it will float back up to the surface of the water. Sometimes it will flow out through the overflow hose, but with just a few cap fulls it is a very inexpensive way to keep the bugs out.

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Bob Neier said...

I got my barrel set up and it filled the first night. Been watering containers, topping off a garden fountain and filling bird baths. The rain barrel is being shown as a part of the garden on garden tours this weekend (may 16-17) sponsored by the Sedgwick County Extension Master Gardeners. Open to see on Sat from 9-5 and sunday 10-5. Six other yards also on tour. My yard is at 9822 Harvest Ct in Northwest Wichita
Bob Neier